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Invited Speakers

Prof. Dr.-Ing Frank Brückner

TU Dresden/Fraunhofer IWS, Germany
Abstract: Increased process stability and efficiency by digitalization in laser-based additive manufacturing

Prof. Thomas Niendorf

University of Kassel, Germany
Abstract: Metastable austenitic steels - Pathways to tackle recent challenges in additive manufacturing

Dr. Nazli Ezlamirad

ANSTO, Australia
Abstract: HIPing and Characterisation of Cold Spray additive manufactured Titanium

Dr. Kun Yang

CSIRO, Australia
Abstract: Additive manufacturing of shape memory alloys for space applications

Dr. Dayalan Gunasegaram

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia
Abstract: Real-time autonomous control of Additive Manufacturing processes in the Industry 4.0 era

Dr. David Howard

Data 61, CSIRO, Australia
Abstract: Additive Manufacture for Soft Robotics

Prof. Zengxi Pan

University of Wollongong, Australia
Abstract: MIMO Model Predictive Control of Bead Geometry in Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

Prof. Chien-Fang Ding

National Taiwan University
Abstract: Laser Induced forward transfer for printing metallic structures on flexible substrates

Group Captain Ravinder Singh

Defence Aviation Safety Authority
Abstract: Defence’s Aviation Safety Policy on the use of Additive Manufacturing

Dr. Micaela degli Esposti

University of Bologna, Italy
Abstract: Can emerging renewable printable polymers empower a more sustainable additive manufacturing?

Mr. Houman Hatamian

Director Infrastructure Technology Services, Australia
Abstract: Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) for Effective Bridge Maintenance

Distinguished Prof. Suresh Bhargava

RMIT University, Australia
Abstract: Additive Manufacturing in Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Dr. Baozhi Yui

Frontier Materials, Deakin University, Australia
Abstract: Design and structure optimization of 3D-printed electrodes for high-performance lithium batteries

Dr. Dylan Agius

DSTO (Defence Science and Technology), Australia
Abstract: A Computationally Efficient Multi-Scale Modelling Tool to Aid in EBM Build Strategy Selection

Associate Prof. Zachary Cordero

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
AbstractDirectional Recrystallization of Additively Manufactured Ni-base Superalloys

Dr. Wengui Li

University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Abstract: Effect of inorganic PCM/expanded perlite composite on cement hydration and inner temperature regulation of mortar

A/Prof. Giang Nguyen

University of Adelaide, Australia
Abstract: Controlling fracturing process in indirect tensile testing of 3D-printed cement-based materials

Prof. Matthew Barnett

Deakin University, Australia
Abstract: Additive Friction Stir Deposition: microstructures, recycling and energy consumption

A/Prof. Khoon Lim

University of Sydney, Australia
Abstract: High resolution 3D bioprinting of light-activated bioinks

Dr. Chun Xu

University of Queensland, Australia
Abstract: 3D printed porous nanomaterials for bone regeneration

Prof. Craig Brice

Colarado School of Mines, USA
Abstract: Addressing the high dimensionality and associated data challenges in metal additive manufacturing

Prof. Ma Ninshu

Osaka University, Japan
Abstract: Analysis of residual stress in additive manufactured functionally graded layers

A/Prof. Michael Heitzmann

University of Queensland, Australia
Abstract: Additive Manufacture of Ceramic Matrix Composites: Opportunities, challenges, and an approach

Mr. Khan Sharp

DST (Defence Science and Technology Group), Australia
Abstract: Additive S&T for Defence

Prof. Anna Paradowska

ANSTO | University of Sydney, Australia
Abstract: Non-destructive neutron base characterisation techniques for additive manufacturing

Prof. Graham Schaffer

University of Melbourne, Australia
Abstract: A Computational Framework for Designing Sintered Materials

Prof. Jennifer Loy

Griffith University, Australia
Abstract: Additive Manufacturing: Keep it Real, Make it Work

Prof. Joerg Jinschek

DTU Nanolab National Centre for Nano Fabrication and Characterization Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Abstract: Investigation of the impact of far-from-equilibrium process conditions on metal AM microstructure

A/Prof. Yvonne Durandet

Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Abstract: Metal, polymer, composite hybrid structures

Prof. Aijun Huang

Monash University, Australia
Abstract: Creep performance of additively manufactured Ni-based superalloy

Prof. Mingxing Zhang

University of Queensland, Australia
Abstract: Laser additively manufacturing of steels

Dr. Yogambha Ramaswamy

University of Sydney, Australia
Abstract: Custom-built bioprinting system and synthetic polypeptide based bioresin for biomedical applications

Prof. Peter Collins

Iowa State University, USA
Abstract: On New Methods to Predict Local Properties in Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V and the Possibilities for Gradient Materials

Prof. Nicolas Saintier

ENSAM, France

Prof. Jian-Feng Nie

Monash University, Australia
Abstract: Additively manufacturing from Al-Mg-Ti(-Sc-Zr) alloy wires


A/Prof. Ali Kashani

University of NSW, Australia