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Asia-Pacific International Conference on Additive Manufacturing (APICAM)

What's the Weather Like in Sydney in June?

Sydney is located on the east coast of Australia and is the capital city of New South Wales. One of the world's most famous cities, Sydney combines a vibrant urban atmosphere with the laidback beach life that Australia is known for.

June marks the beginning of winter in Sydney. This means that the temperatures are cooler and the chances of rain are increased, as compared to preceding months.

However, with a subtropical climate, Sydney is a city that enjoys pleasant weather all through the year, so don't expect freezing conditions just because it is winter. This makes Sydney one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

In the month of June, the average daytime temperatures are generally around 14°C in the city while the average high temperature can reach 18°C on the warmest days. Sydney never gets too cold, even in the winter. Average minimum temperatures generally tend to be around 10°C.

Australia is known for its abundance of sunshine and Sydney is no exception. The sun still shines in winter, with an average of seven hours of sunshine per day in June and a 29% chance of a sunny day. 

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